Tiger Bay Debate - June 25, 2020

Manatee County has a County Administrator who was endorsed for the job by my opponent. We have a sitting at-large Commissioner with 30 years of local government experience, including 14 years on the BOCC.

This morning we had our Tiger Bay debate.

A question was asked about why we are the better candidate for the County Commission position. I believe this question perfectly sums up this election.

When I’m elected to the Board, I will bring fresh ideas, a new voice and a background and skill set that will be lacking on, and uniquely beneficial to, the BOCC.

If my opponent gets elected, he will be rendered redundant day one. Even he, a supposed fiscal conservative, can agree that it’s not the best use of our taxpayer’s dollars to pay for a back-up Cheri Coryea and a back-up Carol Whitmore.

Thanks, but Manatee County is all set in those areas.

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