Endorsements (updated regularly)

When the Sheriff who served at the mercy of your opponent's budget endorses the other candidate, it's telling.

Our local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) tirelessly work for the safety and protection of the citizens of Manatee County. They understand the benefits of a fiscally-responsible Board to ensure proper funds are available where they are needed most in our community.

The two most conservative representatives of our current Board of County Commissioners, consistently looking out for the rights and liberties of the people of Manatee County.

Two former County Commissioners known for looking out for, and protecting, the rights and voices of the people.

True Conservative organizations advocating to Make Manatee Red Again!

Industry officers and organizations advocating for the rights and protections of our small businesses and housing.

Conservative Editor Matt Walsh and The Observer vetting candidates for new voices, conservative principals and a future for Manatee County.

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