George Kruse
for Manatee
County Commission, District 7

Smart Growth. Smart Spending.

"I bring my private sector business approach to solving challenges like smart growth and responsible conservative budgeting to the county commission. The taxpayers are our customers and we should always remember we work for them."

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I intend to bring a conservative voice to our Board of County Commissioners. We will focus on a small government, limited tax agenda that will protect both the personal rights and the personal capital of the citizens of Manatee County. Much like President Trump on the Federal level, I will add a private-sector view to the Board to ensure diverse, free market views are heard and enacted for the benefit of the overall community.


I will utilize my experience to focus on smart and inclusive growth in Manatee County. Rather than allowing unimpeded sprawl, we will develop incentives to encourage future growth where it is most sustainable. We will place a focus on in-fill redevelopment and areas in proximity to existing infrastructure, services and employment bases to minimize both environmental impact and traffic congestion.


I intend to focus on diversifying our County’s employment base with higher-wage jobs. We will leverage our existing assets to provide incentive to new employees to move into the area and lessen our reliance on lower-wage, more cyclical industries such as the tourism and the service sectors. We will give a greater focus toward retention and mentoring of our current community, both the employed and the students. A combination of higher wages, lower cost-of-living and more opportunities will encourage our skilled citizens to remain in Manatee County and encourage companies to locate in our area.


I will return both transparency and your collective voice to our local government. Too many people in Manatee County feel they have lost a voice in the decision-making process. As a private citizen outside of government myself, I will ensure that we bring discussions out in the public and that everyone in our community is afforded a Bill of Rights to be heard and respected. I believe in open dialogue, fair representation and opportunity for all through inclusive policies.

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